Fecha Nombre de la Comunicación Código de la Comunicación
24/05/2019 Las Terrenas Landfill – RD CAALA-19-002
24/05/2019 Central District Slaughterhouse- HN CAALA-19-001
29/10/2018 Puerto Sandino – NI CAALA-18-003
05/09/2007 Sea Turtles – DR CAALA-07-001
17/11/2008 Sand Extraction in Las Canas Herritz – DR CAALA-08-001
02/12/2008 Sand Extraction in las Canas Yellen – DR CAALA-08-002
24/04/2009 Urbanización El Espino – ES CAALA-09-001
14/01/2010 Villa Veranda Housing Project – ES CAALA-10-001
03/02/2010 Non-compliance of the Hunting Law CALAS – GT CAALA-10-002
04/02/2010 Los Cobanos Fundarrecife – ES CAALA-10-003
15/02/2010 Lachuá – GT CAALA-10-004
15/02/2010 Atitlán – GT CAALA-10-005
08/03/2010 Laguna Del Tigre Fonpetrol – GT CAALA-10-006
15/03/2010 Omoa – HN CAALA-10-007
27/07/2010 Hospital Nacional De Mixco – Monte Real – GT CAALA-10-008
22/03/2010 Jardines De Tikal II – GT CAALA-10-009
22/03/2010 Noise Pollution – GT CAALA-10-010
10/01/2011 Sea Turtles – DET – CR CAALA-11-001
04/04/2011 Hospital Nacional de Mixco – GT CAALA-11-002
04/05/2011 Deforestation Los Amates – GT CAALA-11-003
16/05/2011 West Bay Roatán – HN CAALA-11-004
13/07/2011 Sea Turtle -DET- II – CR CAALA-11-005
28/09/2011 Omoa II – HN CAALA-11-006
25/10/2011 Agua Caliente River – ES CAALA-11-007
14/11/2011 Mayan Biosphere Reserve – GT CAALA-11-008
27/07/2012 Omoa III – HN CAALA-12-001
22/10/2012 Noise Pollution II – GT CAALA-12-002
28/02/2013 Laguna de Masaya – NI CAALA-13-001
24/05/2013 Hazardous Waste -DR CAALA-13-005
19/06/2013 Pollutant Emissions Los Alcarrizos – DR CAALA-13-003
23/08/2013 Cuyamel II – HN CAALA-13-004
23/10/2013 Hazardous Waste II – DR CAALA-13-005
10/09/2014 Dixon Cove Bay – HN CAALA-14-001
14/10/2014 Colonia Centroamérica – GT CAALA-14-002
09/02/2015 Sanitary Landfill – ES CAALA-15-001
06/04/2015 Municipal slaughterhouse Puerto Barrios – GT CAALA-15-002
09/11/2015 Sierra del Bahoruco – DR CAALA-15-003
18/05/2016 Oakland – GT CAALA-16-001
05/08/2016 Animal Protection – DR CAALA-16-002
10/08/2016 San Angel – GT CAALA-16-003
03/04/2017 Motagua River pollution – GT CAALA-17-001
13/06/2018 Noise Pollution – ES CAALA-18-001
19/06/2018 Sierra de Bahoruco II – DR CAALA-18-002

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