Dixon Cove Bay – HN

Dixon Cove Bay – HN

The Submitter (Environmental Law Institute) claims that the Republic of Honduras is failing to effectively enforce environmental legislation regarding the legality of the authorizations for constructing a cruise terminal port in the island of Roatán, Honduras.

Fecha de inicio: 10/09/2014

Peticionario: Instituto de Derecho Ambiental (IDAMHO)

Date Activity File
10/09/2014 New submission
The Secretariat receives a new environmental submission.
Environmental submission
10/09/2014 Acknowledgment of receipt
The Secretariat issues the note that acknowledges receipt of the submission and begins its study and analysis.
Acknowledgment of receipt
06/11/2014 Determination 17.7.2
The Secretariat determines that the submission meets the criteria listed in Article 17.7.2 of CAFTA-DR.
Determination 17.7.2
10/02/2015 Determination 17.7.4
The Secretariat determines that the submission meets the criteria listed in Article 17.7.4 of the CAFTA-DR and request a response from the Party concerned.
Determination 17.7.4
20/04/2015 Response from the Party
The Republic of Honduras sends the Secretariat its response.
Response from the Party
17/06/2015 Reception of information from the submitter
The Submitter presents additional information.
Additional information
03/08/2015 Request for additional information
The Secretariat requests additional information from the Party.
Request for additional information
06/10/2015 Reception of additional information
The Republic of Honduras sends the Secretariat the adittional information requested.
Additional information
13/02/2017 Determination 17.8.1
The Secretariat, after analyzing both the submission and the response from the Party, recommends the preparation of a factual record and notifies the submitter and the Environmental Affairs Council.
Determination 17.8.1
20/07/2017 Vote from the Council to prepare the factual record
The United States issues a vote to instruct the Secretariat to prepare a factual record.
Vote from the Council(1)
Vote from the Council(2)