Noise Pollution – ES

Noise Pollution – ES

The submitter assert that the environmental pollution caused by the excessive sonic emission in an area destined for housing endangers the health of the neighbors and causes social disharmony and public discomfort, which leads to non-compliance with the Ordinance Regulating Environmental Pollution by the Noise Commission in the municipality of San Salvador (Municipal Decree No. 12).

Fecha de inicio: 13/06/2018

Peticionario: Grupo de vecinos de la colonia “Escalón” del municipio de San Salvador.

Date Activity File
13/06/2018 New submission
Grupo de vecinos de la colonia “Escalón” San Salvador files an environmental submission to the Secretariat.
13/06/2018 Acknowledgment of receipt
The Secretariat issues the note that acknowledges receipt of the submissionand begins its study and analysis.
Acknowledgment of receipt
13/08/2018Determination 17.7.2
The Secretariat determines that the submission does not meet the criteria listed in Article 17.7.2 of the CAFTA-DR and suspends reviewing it.
Determination 17.7.2