Sea Turtle -DET- II – CR

Sea Turtle -DET- II – CR

The Submitter claims that there have been anomalies in the use of turtle excluder devices (TEDs) by several shrimp trawlers in violation of domestic regulations designed to protect sea turtles in Costa Rica. In addition, the Submitter denounces irregularities in processes related to the issuance of fishing licenses that regulate what activities said boats may pursue.

Fecha de inicio: 13/07/2011

Peticionario: Asociación Programa Restauración de Tortugas Marinas (PRETOMA)

Date Activity File
13/07/2011 New submission
The Sea Turtle Restoration Program Association (PRETOMA) files a new environmental submission to the Secretariat.
18/07/2011 Acknowledgment of receipt
The Secretariat issues the note that acknowledges receipt of the submission and begins its study and analysis.
Acknowledgment of receipt
27/08/2011 Determination 17.7.2
The Secretariat determines that the revised submission meets all the criteria in Article 17.7.2 of CAFTA-DR.
Determination 17.7.2
16/11/2011 Request for additional information
The Secretariat requests additional information from the submitter.
14/12/2011 Reception of additional information
The Secretariat receives adittional information from the submitter.
Additional information
22/02/2012 Determination 17.7.4
The Secretariat determines that the submission meet the criteria listed in Article 17.7.4 of the CAFTA-DR and request a response from the Party concerned.
Determination 17.7.4
27/02/2012 Errata
Errata Determination 17.7.4.
28/03/2012 Response from the Party
The Republic of Costa Rica sends its response to the Secretariat.
Party's response (1)
Party's response (2)
28/05/2012 Determination 17.8.1
The Secretariat, after analyzing both the submission and the response from the Party concerned, determines that the submission does not warrant developing a Factual Record and notifies the submitter and the Environmental Affairs Council.
Determination 17.8.1
06/06/2012 Errata
Errata Sea Turtles DET II.