Sea Turtles – DR

Sea Turtles – DR

The Submitter asserts that the Government of the Dominican Republic is not effectively enforcing environmental legislation related to the protection of endangered sea turtles. The Submitter asserts that the turtle shells are used to produce a wide variety of articles such as purses, jewelry boxes, bracelets, earrings, rings, hair clips, combs, etc.

Fecha de inicio: 05/09/2007

Peticionario: Humane Society International

Date Activity File
05/09/2007 New submission
Humane Society International files an environmental submission to the Secretariat.
05/09/2007 Acknowledgment of receipt
The Secretariat issues the note that acknowledges receipt of the submission and begins its study and analysis.
Acknowledgment of receipt
30/08/2007 Determination 17.7.2
The Secretariat determines that the submission does not meet the criteria listed in Article 17.7.2 of the CAFTA-DR and suspends reviewing it. (The submitter has 30 days to provide the Secretariat a revised submission).
Determination 17.7.2
01/10/2007 Revised submission
The Secretariat receives a revised submission from the Submitter with additional information for consideration.
Revised submission
05/12/2007 Determination 17.7.4
La Secretaría determina que la Comunicación revisada satisface todos los requisitos del Artículo 17.7.2 del DR-CAFTA y basada en las consideraciones del Artículo 17.7.4, solicita formalmente una respuesta del gobierno de República Dominicana.
Determination 17.7.4
13/02/2008 Response from the Party
La República Dominicana remite su respuesta por correo electrónico. Posteriormente, el 3 de abril del mismo año, la Secretaría recibe formalmente la respuesta con varios anexos.
Response from the Party
06/08/2008 Determination 17.8.1
The Secretariat, after analyzing both the submission and the response from the Dominican Republic, determines that the submission warrants developing a factual record and notifies the submitter and the Environmental Affairs Council.
Determination 17.8.1
05/11/2008 Vote from the Council to prepare the factual record
The United States issues a vote to instruct the Secretariat to prepare a factual record in relation to Humane Society International's submission.
Vote from the Council
16/12/2010 Vote from the Council to make the factual record publicly available
The United States votes for the publication of the Factual Record CAALA/01/007 "Sea Turtles - RD". The Secretariat awaits comments from the Parties on the accuracy of the draft factual record. - LAST DAY to receive comments: October 15.
Vote from the Council
01/01/2011 Factual record publicly available
The Secretariat published the Factual Record CAALA/01/007 "Sea Turtles - RD".
Factual Record CAALA/01/007 "Sea Turtles - RD"
16/05/2011 Extended response from the Party
The Dominican Republic sends an expanded response via email.
Extended response from the Party