Date Case Name Case Code
03/02/2010 Non-compliance of the Hunting Law CALAS – GT CAALA-10-002
15/02/2010 Lachuá – GT CAALA-10-004
15/02/2010 Atitlán – GT CAALA-10-005
08/03/2010 Laguna Del Tigre Fonpetrol – GT CAALA-10-006
22/03/2010 Hospital Nacional De Mixco – Monte Real – GT CAALA-10-008
22/03/2010 Jardines De Tikal II – GT CAALA-10-009
22/03/2010 Noise Pollution– GT CAALA-10-010
04/04/2011 Hospital Nacional de Mixco – GT CAALA-11-002
04/05/2011 Deforestation Los Amates – GT CAALA-11-003
14/11/2011 Mayan Biosphere Reserve – GT CAALA-11-008
22/10/2012 Noise Pollution II – GT CAALA-12-002
14/10/2014 Colonia Centroamérica – GT CAALA-14-002
14/10/2014 Municipal Trail Puerto Barrios – GT CAALA-15-002
18/05/2016 Oakland – GT CAALA-16-001
10/08/2016 San Ángel – GT CAALA-16-003
03/04/2017 Motagua River Pollution– GT CAALA-17-001

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