On this page you will find copies of all of our publications and multimedia materials related to:

  • The Secretariat for Environmental Matters
  • The environmental submission mechanism
  • The Environmental Affairs Council
  • SEM success stories
  • Legal and informational documents
  • Factual records
  • Other materials of interest to the public


Chapter 17 (Spanish, Mam, Kekchi)

CAFTA-DR Chapter 17 contains all of the commitments made by the parties of the Agreement with regard to the environment, especially the environmental submission mechanism that is available to all citizens from the region. Here you will find a copy of Chapter 17 in different languages.

SEM Working Procedures

The SEM Working Procedures contain all of the procedural and operational details for the CAFTA-DR environmental submission mechanism. We recommend reading it prior to making use of the mechanism.

Citizen's Guide

The Citizen's Guide (only available in English) is a contribution from the University of Florida in the United States and the University of Costa Rica, which explains, in simple language, how the CAFTA-DR environmental submission mechanism works.

Graphical Guide

The Graphical Guide for the Environmental Submission Mechanism is a tool that is designed to provide information to individuals in local communities so that they can understand the most general elements of the mechanism and how it operates

Factual Records

The factual records are technical and scientific documents that synthesize the facts as they relate to a specific case and provide all pertinent factual information. Here you will find digital versions of all the factual records prepared by the CAFTA-DR Secretariat for Environmental Matters.