Agua Caliente River – ES

Agua Caliente River – ES

The Submitter claims that a local company is not complying with regulations governing the treatment of solid waste and residual waters that are being discharged into the Agua Caliente River and that the authorities have been notified of this situation but have done nothing about it.

Fecha de inicio: 25/10/2011

Peticionario: Comité Gestor Ambiental (COGAM) de Ciudad Arce Depto. De la Libertad

Date Activity File
25/10/2011 New submission
The Environmental Management Committee (COGAM) of Ciudad Arce department of La Libertad files an environmental submission to the Secretariat.
Environmental submission
14/11/2011 Acknowledgment of receipt
The Secretariat issues the note that acknowledges receipt of the submission and begins its study and analysis.
Acknowledgment of receipt
14/11/2011 Extension of the timeframe to issue Determination 17.7.2
The Secretariat notifies the Council about the extension of the timeframe to issue determinations.
Extension of the timeframe
14/12/2011 Determination 17.7.2
The Secretariat determines that the submission does not meet the criteria listed in Article 17.7.2 of the CAFTA-DR and suspends reviewing it. (The submitter has 30 days to provide the Secretariat a revised submission).
Determination 17.7.2
27/01/2012 Revised submission
The Secretariat receives a revised submission from the submitter with additional information for consideration.
Revised submission
30/01/2012 Suspension of the submission consideration
The Secretariat suspends the consideration of the revised submission. It was presented extemporaneously.
Suspension of the submission